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Día del niño celebration at St. Anthony's.

Kids Day at St. Anthony's

The community of St. Anthony Claret church, organized a fantastic event to celebrate Kids Day, and when I say kids, I mean kids of all ages.

Kids 12 and under got a free lunch that consisted of their choice of a hot-dog or pizza with juice and chips, and for the rest of the kids that did not meet the age requirement, tickets were sold to buy asada or adobada tacos, nachos, quesadillas, fruit bowls, mangonadas and aguas frescas.

As a part of the event, families were encouraged to register their family teams, which included adults and kids, to participate in different games or activities. By successfully completing a game or finishing first, teams received points. Prizes were given to the top 3 teams with the most points.

Kids also had the opportunity to play with canicas, trompos, churumbelas and wooden baleros to win candies, stuffed animals and ballons. Wireless speakers, McDonalds and movie gift cards were among the rewards for the best dancers and karaoke singers.

Father Alex, took a moment to sing las mañanitas to all the moms who were present at the event.

From beginning to end, the event was entertaining for children of all ages.

Thank you to all the volunteers and those who made this event possible.

Special thanks to Father Alex, Agustin and Patrick for bringing our families and community together.

God Bless.

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